introduce you to the main ideas of Ignatian spirituality

Altering the Way We Act


Altering the Way We Act is very important to attaining all these blessings. As I have mentioned in the one of the pages of this site that spirituality is our response to reality. That is our response to a given situation. How we deal with the circumstances; and how we use the talents, skill, and knowledge that we have to cope up or respond to the reality at hand.

In a way, altering the way we act can only be fully accomplished when we alter our inner power and engines. That is altering the way we think and feel. Altering the way we act can be executed very well when what we think and feel coincides to what we have to act upon and how we have to act on a situation. If our mind nor our feeling does not walk hand in hand with how we ought to respond in a situation, then we would be dragging ourselves and eventually lose the motivation to receive blessings. An example would be something like this: Jake is a dad of three girls, who is now in his mid-age. He has been jobless for more than 3 year now after being retrenched from the company where he worked for 10 years. He has been doing errands for a certain neighbor just to get a tip to have something for the day. Try going here next time, – They have awesome services

At many occasions, he would by a lottery ticket hoping to hit the gold pot in the future. Jake has been praying, wishing, hoping to find a job to support his family. His wife is a salesgirl in one of the local convenient stores in town. Finally, another neighbor has invited him to attend a training and seminar for free sponsored by a company known to send workers abroad. Jake first of all never felt happy of the training and seminar. As a result he dragged himself to the seminar in the morning and went home during the lunch break. He did not attend the training in the afternoon.

Jake and his wife had a talk later in the evening; and Jake expressed the seminar at the place that offered cremation philadelphia pa was boring. He never could believe that a company would give something for free like that seminar to help anyone working abroad. Three months later, that same neighbor who brought him to that seminar went abroad for work. Today, the neighbor has moved to a bigger house and bought his brand new car. What hindered Jake to achieve this blessings. He line of thinking was not so hopeful. He was not anticipating any positive outcome of the training. Second, his vibration or feeling was not attracting blessings. He was closing himself from them. Also, try visiting our new site and get totally free psychic readings.

Sciences of Spirituality – The Study of Sound, Semantics and Symmetry


When utilized together as a method they offer an opportunity to look at an age old problem in an innovative way that will bring about a broader perspective in understanding ourselves and all of our relationships. Whether personal, business or casual you are about to take a journey into each aspect of them, then redefining as you continue to read about my experiences with these sciences.

Sciences of Spirituality creates an opportunity to explore spirituality as groups of scientific principles, each with their own unique perspective and when they are in harmony with one another a powerful internal guidance system is utilized. I have discovered a relationship between sound, semantics and symmetry that has perpetuated my awareness of my behaviors, responses and reactions. I use the English language as a tool for self discovery every day in every sentence. Since 2003 I have been researching and developing products and services to inspire myself and others to explore this modern day approach that is based upon ancient cultures way of living, learning and yes even surviving. Understanding how precious inner peace is to achieve, I continue to enter higher levels of fulfillment as my practice with this technique has become integrated in my day to day living. We learned most of these tips at

Our Philosophy:
We are all students, teachers and healers living and sharing together in the HUMAN experience. I have as much to learn from you as you from me. Together we honor the space for Love and greater understanding of each other.

In our western society we often define health as the absence of disease, yet in my experiences it is far more than that. Health is a commitment to a metabolic state where the mind, emotions and  body are functioning as a coherent relationship. Or in other words they are symmetrical to one another.  In my past I settled for two out of the three. In time I soon realized these are not acceptable odds and as a result of my choices I experienced a low immune system,  shallow relationship values and limitations in life goals and achievements. I also came to realize I have spiritual achievements, but what exactly does being spiritual mean and what is its role in health? From my understanding Spirituality is the awareness that all of my relationships are created and influenced by my thoughts, words, actions and feelings. This acknowledgment generates momentum into day to day responsibility of practicing the following awareness:

I am accountable for my thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Cause and Effect experiences in my life are the means of measurement to the level of commitment to my accountability.

Reduced even further: Life is not about Right or Wrong, it’s about Right and Left.

From my experiences it is the conscious awareness of aligning sound, semantics and symmetry within ourselves which in turn aligns all of our relationships. This commitment as it is practiced gives rise to an ancient practice that I feel all cultures advocated.

It is the conscious awareness of integrating Divine Feminine Wisdom and Divine Masculine Action equally. Modern day we have heard of these terms expressed as Intuition and Logic or Right and Left.

We all have experienced to varying degrees that when our internal physical environment is  filled with biologic toxins causing disease in the body, we set out to discover the origin. Once discovered a true resolution can be achieved and homeostasis continues. This is a tangible result that with practice, motivation and education means living life to the fullest, experiencing greatly increased levels of energy and vibrancy, along with improved vitality. But what about mental clarity and focus? What if I have thoughts, beliefs and mental habits that are equally toxic as biological pathogens? Then what? The mind does not easily reflect something  I can palpate or observe from an objective point of view, often times I found it to be mysterious and hidden from my consciousness. So what is a way to observe our minds health?

Our Language
Let us introduce the first of three sciences: SOUND

Aside from sign language all languages utilize manipulation of sound vibration via our vocal chords, throat, tongue, palate and lips. Each language has it’s own characteristics and logic. Older languages adhere to strict gender association while modern languages are more open to interpretation. Older languages convey information by detailed articulation while modern language relies more on personalized meanings and inflections of words. The sound of our voice plays a key role when speaking our personal truth. There is a physical audible shift in one’s voice when they are not themselves. We can utilize sound waves to orchestrate a shift in one’s body back to their personal truth.

Let us introduce the second of three sciences: SEMANTICS

One of the most overlooked paradigms in our society attributing to communication breakdown and misunderstanding is that we presume that a meaning of a word that I have is the same as yours. This is also the reason why so many of us are challenged with the English language as it fails to convey clearly our thoughts and feelings to others. Have you ever played the game where you whisper a phrase into the ear of a friend who then repeats it to the person on their right, this process is continued throughout the room until it returns to you. The result  always a brings about a delightful surprise and proves time and time again on what we hear and what it means to the individual is invariably different.

Let us introduce the third science: SYMMETRY

Even the advent of the mirror fails to reveal our true reflection to ourselves, we observe a flip flop, right is left and left is right configuration. This is not a true reflection of who we are to others. Only a camera reveals to us what we look like to others, but even this invention has it’s limitations, for a camera has only one eye to see and reflects the “mono” you. So technically most people have never seen who they truly are as someone else that sees them.

In another sense are we symmetrical to our thoughts relative to what we say to others? Or is it a diluted version, even outright fabrication? Are the words you speak in alignment with your actions? How does one’s body language reveal the accuracy of this symmetry? Why is it that you have chronic tension in your neck and shoulders?

After 11 years as a massage therapist and 5 years as an educator in holistic healing I have acquired the skill of listening to what you say to me and observing these three sciences as you say them. Over the years I have listened to over a thousand conversations dealing with physical, emotional and mental challenges.  All of which influences an individuals spiritual well being. This I can attest to first hand, it is an ongoing process of realizations to live in the awareness that your life as a spiritual being requires no effort . However we choose to resist this awareness and slip into a dreamlike state of judgment, separation and unfulfillment.

It begins with the sound of your voice, the meaning behind your words and observing your body language as you speak reveals to me your state of symmetry.

I invite you to explore this website, as I reveal my experiences and awarenesses to you that will Inspire, Enhance and Heal through the Sciences of Spirituality. Also, try out Virtual Rush Psychic Reviews site!